Nejc Grm (born in Ljubljana, 1992) belongs to the young prosperous Slovenian accordion generation. He works with various composers, with whom he tries to explore and enrich accordion repertoire in different musical styles. Besides original pieces for accordion 20th and 21st century including his concert repertoire to the same extent pieces mainly from the Baroque and Classical period.

He started playing accordion at the age of seven. In year 2011, he graduated with distinction at the Ljubljana Conservatory of Music and Ballet in the class of Ernö Sebastian. He graduated 2017 with the highest grade ‘summa cum laude’ from Academy of Music in Ljubljana in the class of Luka Juhart. In school year 2014/15, he participated in the Erasmus student exchange in Sibelius Academy where he was a student of Veli Kujala. He continued his Master of Arts in Specialized Music Performance in Contemporary Music at the Hochschule für Musik in Basel, where he studied with tutor Mike Svoboda and took part in the “zone expérimentale” ensemble as well as he did a program Maisterklasse at the Hochschule für Musik in Freiburg in the class of Teodoro Anzellotti.

Grm has received numerous awards and first prizes at national and international competitions. In 2011, he won at the International competition in Pula (Croatia), next year he won in Sydney where he became an absolute winner of the International accordion competition. He participated four times at the International competition in Beltinci and every time even won in his category. In 2015, he was one of the finalists at the Arrasate Accordion competition in Spain. He is also two times winner (2011, 2014) of the Slovenian national competition Temsig, which is held every three years.

As a soloist played with the String Orchestra and with the Woodwind Orchestra of the Academy of Music Ljubljana. He is a member of diverse groups, among others, he plays in duo Novum with saxophonist Jan Gričar, in duo with cellist Katarina Leskovar and is co-founder of Concept Store Quartet.

The tendency to constantly discovering new musical dimensions, Grm collaborates with many established composers of contemporary classical music – including Uroš Rojko, Matej Bonin, Stylianos Dimou, Marta Śniady, Olli Virtaperko, Francisco Dominguez Robles, Tobias Krebs, Yulan Yu, and others.

Grm has been receiving the Zois scholarship 2008-17 and a scholarship holder of the Ministry of Culture Slovenia. He has also received numerous recognition awards among which are recognition from the mayor of the Municipality of Litija (2012) and Prešeren Award of University of Ljubljana 2014 (awarded to one student per year for his or her significant artistic achievement).